Minionese, Language Of The Minions: Origin, Vocabulary And Grammar

There are thousands of languages spoken all over the world; family languages, ethnic languages, tribal languages and Minionese is one of them. Not every language has been globalized but today, constructed languages are taking over the world. To this day, we have come across many such constructed languages or so called Conlangs developed by enthusiast and expert linguists. Most of the Conlangs came to existence through movies, mostly, and like real languages, after years of use by fans and language enthusiasts. Here are few Conlangs known to us so far:

Esperanto – developed by L.L. Zamenhof
Klingon – from Star Trek
Na`vi – from Avatar
Pakuni – from Land of the Lost
Elvish – from The Hobbit
Dothraki – from Game of Thrones

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