My Stepmother Hated Me So I Had To Move Out

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This is Monica, and her stepmother hated her so much she had to move out. But let’s start from the beginning. Monica’s mom died when she was around 3 years old, and it made her dad miserable, because he loved her very much. For years he was single, not even daring to start dating again, but when she was 14, he met Taylor. She sort of looked like her mother, but she wasn’t anything like her in terms of character. Her dad asked her if she would be okay with them being together, and of course she said yes, because she wanted him to be happy. Soon they got married and Taylor moved in with them together with her son James, who was 12 at the time. At first everything was alright – her dad and Taylor clearly loved each other very much, and James was quite easy-going. She hadn’t seen her dad so happy in years!

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