Purple Minions: Evil, Destructive, Adorable

Brief Introduction of Purple Minions 
Purple minions are the mutated minions from the movie, ‘Despicable Me 2’. Consequently, they are the evil versions of the cute and funny yellow minions.

Dr. Nefario transformed the minions into the evil minions with his mutagen, PX-41 serum in the second movie of the Despicable Me series. When the minions were injected with the PX-41 serum, within few seconds they were transformed into evil minions in purple color.
These purple minions are meant to be indestructible and invincible; furthermore they are super destructive and monstrous in both, nature and appearance. Weapons like flamethrowers, machine guns, axes, etc. cannot do any harm to them. On the contrary they can swallow the whole police cars and even missiles and they are just as fine.

They are just too dangerous and they will gulp down anything that comes in their way.
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